Yummy World

Yummy World

Yummy World - Banana Plush

Meet Bruce the Banana... I fruity fun friend to all in Sprinkle Tree.  The Yummy World Banana..


Yummy World - Breakfast Pancake 10" Plush

At last, you can embrace—really, legitimately hug and squeeze—your breakfast treats, just like you..


Yummy World - Chloe Carnival Plush

Ready for a frosted fun time? Yummy World's newest XL food plushies, Chloe and the Carnival Cookies..


Yummy World - Cupcake Plush

It’s time, time to get Yummy in Yummy World! Sprinkletree is happy to welcome some familiar faces ..


Yummy World - Eva The Avocado Plush

Two is always better than one! Eva the Avocado plush opens in half to reveal her best pal, Piper t..


Yummy World - Flaco Taco Plush NUEVO

Yummy World - Flaco Taco Plush

Can we taco ‘bout how much you’ll love our Large Flaco Taco Plushie?! He’s 16 inches of pure taco m..


Yummy World - Hotdog 10" Plush

Meet Franky the Hot Dog Plush! This hotdogger lives life on the edge... too bad he doesn't have a b..


Yummy World - Parker and Jayden The PBJ Sandwich Plush

Parker and Jayden Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich plush are irresistible and inseparable! These tw..


Yummy World - Ramen Bowl Plush

SLURP, SLURP!  Kidrobot adds some savory, slurpable asian-fusion comfort food plushie goodnes..


Yummy World - Victorio Veggie Taco Plush

Taco bout a taco PARTY! Make every day a Yummy World taco day with the newest residents of Yummy W..


Yummy World - Yummy Blue Don Plush

What's large, in charge and can make a full meal? This Yummy World Yummy Blue Donut Large Plush, th..


Yummy World - Yummy Donut Plush

Frosted donuts don't have to come in a dozen with the Yummy World YUMMY Donut plush!  This calo..